Awards for Great Pages 

This page will illustrate different awards with all different criteria.  Each award is unique.  Please apply for all the awards that apply to your web page.  Please understand also that when applying for these awards that I am very picky about anyone that gets on my awards list.  When applying for an award I would also like for you a link to this page when placing this awards.  The following will not receive an award:

1.  There will be no kind of nudity or pornography of any kind on that page.  Please remember that these awards are special.  I am sorry guys,  but there are no Nudity or Pornography awards giving out with this site.

2.  This is primarily a gay awards page,  but I have decided to make an awards for those that are opened minded to the gay community.  I feel strongly that acceptance is the greatest thing that the heterosexual community can give us and the award that I designed is specially for them only. 

3.  Each web page should contain a lot of things,  but I do not want to see a bunch of links.  I want these web pages to be creative and entertaining.

4.  I do not want excessive profanity on these pages.  Agreed,  a little profanity can be funny and hilarious,  but remember some people can easily get offended by a site that has nothing but profanity.

5.  The web pages should not contain any derogatory comments or slurs when it concerns any minority.  I feel strongly that in the gay community if you wish to have acceptance you have to accept everyone for who they are first regardless of ethics, race, or nationality.

Now that the rules have been established,  let gets on to the awards that are given out. 


The Award Winners!!!!

Just click on the name to obtain the page

 1.  Creative Page Award-  Bob Marlin    
 2.  Excellence Page Award -  Doug Santurri  "The Robbie Project"
 3.  Excellence/Creative Page Awards-  Cliff and Kelly    "A Bears Page" 
 4.  Creative Page Award-    Granite Gargoyle
 5.  Creative Page Award-    Pat aka MysteryLadyTx1
 6.  Excellence Page Award- Tonya's Pride Pages 
 7.  Creative Page Award-  Darrin's Page
 8.  Creative Page Award-  Kimberly Lark "Poetry in the Dark"
 9.  Excellence Page Award-  Amanda Ackley
10. Excellence Page Award-  The Stonewall Society Awards Page
11. Excellence Page Award-  Gay Brisbane by Chamelion 
12. Excellence Page Award-  GLOW (Gays and Lesbians on the Web) by Brad
13. Excellence Page Award-  GLB (Gays and Lesbians) Hong Kong
14. Creative Page Award- Star Trek Voyager Page by Chamelion
15. Excellence Page Award-  Beverly's Homepage
16. Excellence Page Award-  Dana and Jennifer
17. Creative Page Award-  Kire's World of Kool
18. Excellence Page Award-  Mark Roeder
19. Creative Page Award-  Hans and Thomas's Site    Discusses various faiths.
20. Creative Page Award-  G Beret's Page
21. Excellence Page Award- ChiPhi2x:Be True to Thyself  To show anyone 
      who wishes to visit that it is okay to be gay.    (Great use of Flash)
22. Excellence Page Award- Gaywoomba  one of Australia's Online New Resources
23. Excellence Page Award- MattShan Online 
24. Excellence Page Award-   
25. Excellence Page Award- Chris and Jeremy