Steven's Opened Minded Award

To apply simply click on the picture and send the email.


The Criteria for the Opened minded Award

1. This award is very simple in concept.  THIS AWARD IS ONLY FOR STRAIGHT PEOPLE THAT ARE OPENED MINDED.  Sorry guys and gals if you wished to apply for this award, but I have two other awards that you can try for

2.  This award is given out to individuals that are heterosexual and opened minded towards all people regardless of sex, religion, race, or sexual orientation and sexual preferences.  This is more like a "hats off" award.  I feel that is a way to show my appreciation for those individuals that are open to me and my lifestyle. 

3.  The rules on the front page apply for this award as it does all the awards I give. 

4.  To apply,  just simply click on the award on the top of the page.  If your page is good enough,  I will send you the award via email,  if not I will still let you know via email.