The Excellence Award

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The Criteria for the Excellence Award

1.   The Excellence Award is the highest award in my opinion.  It has to be an educational page full of knowledge for the Gay Community and has to also benefit the Gay Community in every way.

2.   The page should be inspirational and uplifting.

3.   As the word applies the page should be excellent and should excel that way.  It should have a specific issue such as "Coming Out of the Closet" or "Living Day to day as a Gay Man/Woman/Couple"

4.   All the rules from the front page applies to this award!

5.   To apply for the award,  just click the award picture above and it will automatically take you to my email.  The Subject header will already be filled in and just leave your email address with web page address and your name and I will get back to you with an answer one way or another.  I will send you an award via email if it good enough for an award  also link the award with my site on your page.